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REVONET CLUB was planned with the objective that by combining the trend of online shopping with the enormous power of community marketing to create a revolutionary new opportunity offering not only the chance for a healthier and more content life for those who choose to participate in it but also opens up new perspectives in self-development and personality improvements for those who are receptive to these ideals. 

At the same time,  REVONET CLUB is also a business opportunity open for everybody to join forces with others to successfully meet money challenges and to start creating a life always dreamed about.
Many people dream of owning a company producing money sufficient not only to make ends meet in their everyday life but also enough to improve their life with trading up into a new appartment or house, to get – or more – new car, to be able to take an exotic vacation without worrying about their spending limits, and, beside all these, they can take care of the financial stability of their family long-term without the stress and work pressure that could undermine their family life.

REVONET KLUB offers exactly this opportunity:
Club members receive commissions not only from the purchases they make and the purchases made by their friends invited and joined either as Club members or as customers, but also from the purchases of those customers who made their shopping on the Alldubee.com platform offering a wide range of top brands at affordable prices; these purchases are distributed among Club members by a specific algorithm and added to their sales volume. Moreover, Club members can easily access to and use these commissions after transferred to their personalized  Revonet Club MasterCard Bank cards ! 
What can be easier than this?



E-mail to us: support@revonetclub.com

Customers on the AllduBee.com platform

• Can use the services of the platform with a FREE registration
• Can choose from a wide variety of Top Brands
• Can enjoy a constantly refreshing variety of products • Can shop at very attractive prices C

Members of the REVONET CLUB

• Can invite new Customers to the Alldubee.com –ra a platform with their own invitation link
• Can sponsor new REVONET CLUB Members
• Can recommend new suppliers, new corporate partners to the Alldubee.com platform
• Can enjoy special offers and possibilities available only for Club Members
• Csn enjoy shopping at Club Members Only prices

Club Members of the REVONET CLUB

• are entitled to commissions for ALL of their purchases
• are entitled to commissions for ALL purchases of ALL Members and ALL Customers they invited
• are entitled to commissions for purchases of ALL THOSE Customers whose purchases were assigned to them by the specific algorythm of the Club (purchases of all Customers registered with no sponsor are distributed by a specific algorythm evenly among ALL active Club Members)

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” – Richard Branson