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The REVONET CLUB was created with the objective to establish a revolutionary new system – by combining the immense power of the community marketing with the trend of online shopping – that makes possible to everybody that they can earn money from the shopping of others.

Let’s start with a bit of history: when the first multi-level companies came to life, they represented a commercial revolution, they were the practical embodyment of the modern marketing. The first such company using this concept  – according to Peter Clothier’s book “Key in your hand – Multi-Level Marketing”  – „…was most probably established by William Casselberry and Lee Mytinger, who were selling the products of the  California Vitamin Company and the Nutrilite XX Vitamins starting from 1934. In order to motivate their traders financially – and to increase the company sales volume –, to include and train more and more new traders, in 1941 they created the C&M marketing plan. According to this traders received an extra 3% commissions for every new trader recruited personally by them.” In 1975 the US Federal Trade Commission brought the largest MLM company, Amway with the allegation of running an illegal pyramid scheme. In 1979 the court ruled in favour of  Amway. Starting from this time exists the definition and criterias of the legally accepted network marketing and how it differs from the illegal pyramid schemes. As it is characteristic to the USA, this ruling was greeted with big enthousiasm and millions of people started to work in this new industry, many newly started companies went public and their founders pocketed great profits. 

The euphory of this period can be sensed also from the this excerpt: „ MLM is gradually taking over all other forms of commerce by being more efficient than anything else. Time soon come when the traditional shops will extinct and even everyday necessities will be marketed by trade networks.  MLM provides for everybody: this form of commerce produces financially independent people, content with their lives in industrial numbers all over the world. The basic principle that „Those who stays out -left out!” is an often heard expression among supporters of MLM. To date about 60 Millions of people work with different MLM companies, most of them for part-time earnings where they usually earn the amount of an average salary much faster, while the top performers continue to earn fabulous amounts. 

The MLM business of today is quite muddled, many companies run a real pyramid sceme using the actual market trends like financial or advantegeous credit services, cryptocurrencies, investments into the new forms of energy, gold, or some some exceptionally miraculous product, usually promising eternal youth of curing cancer, Carbon credits, etc.).  Some networks were started by swindlers promising enormous revenues to those who join them, but they speculate not necesarilly on the profits from systematic business building but they rather bet on the sudden apreciation of their product or services. Characteristicly to all of them, they mislead people, over-promise beyond reality. The traditional MLM companies now focus on India, other parts of Asia for expansion. China is also holds good potential. But one thing is certain: many people got disillusioned, disappointed by MLM. If your neighbour offers you a product that seems otherwise interesting but sold in MLM, quite often you can find it cheaper on the Internet. This can damage the relationships among people but also hurts the business. And this opens the room for the Revonet Club: our new business model was invented based on many years of practical experiences.

 Revonet Club is the revolutionary new step in the evolution of MLM. The structure, the remuneration system, the rules and customs of networking – we have all these. The novelty we invented is in our business model. We believe that the business model inviting people to join with hugely overpriced products or with the promise of future products with exceptional qualities is not ethical and no longer sustainable as the truth would come to lights quicly. Instead, the future belongs to the exclusive access, the excceptionally VIP shopping experience, the possibility of the ever-expanding product line, and the super prices. Taking the example mentioned above, if you offer your neighbours high quality products from well-known brands  at a cheaper than market prices, they can easier decide to buy from you. We established a web shop, or more precisely, a trading platform. Our shop already offers more than 500 000 kinds of products, and all these are priced significatly below market prices.  This shop is open for everybody, registration for shoppers is free. Our Revonet Club is linked to our webshop informatically, if a Revonet Club member invites new customers than he/she is rewarded for their shoppings. Naturally, customers can also become Revonet Club members any time with the purchase of a Club membership card and maintaining their monthly membership of 30 Euros; in this case they also can earn commissions from the purchases of their friends invited by them.  The traditional MLM-rule works here, too: the more people you invite and they also invite people than your revenue will grow expoentially! 

Revonet Club caters additional services to its members, too, like distributing the purchases from customers with no sponsors evenly among Club members for commissions, providing Store points in exchange for the initial and the monthly Club membership fees that can be used for obtaining cheaper prices through a special part dedicated exclusively to Club members of the AllduBee.com portal. The Store points are used to set the percentage of the special Club member discount.  All Club members invited by you  and also all non-sponsored customers received according to the special algorythm are positioned a binary system, and their monthly membership payments and the total amount of their actual shoppings will decide the actual amount of your commissions in a given month. The remuneration plan of the Revonet Club referred to as The Compass contains the technicalities for this. After successfully completed a specific in-house training course, you can become Store manager (this certification gives authorization to invite and register new product partners, manufacturers or traders of specific products  directly into the AllduBee.com platform and you can earn extra bonus from the sales of their products). 

It is also planned to introduce soon a specific training for sales managers  (sales managers receive the possibility to select a special monthly portfolio of up to 500 products that can be sold in a dedicated page of our webshop). Under this setup the sales manager can retain a significant part of the mark-up realized by the  AllduBee.com.   The Sales managers are meant to prefer products that he or she already know well and  tested so he or she can promote these products also directly. According to our vision in a few years time Revonet Club will be a well-known and reputed brand all over Europe that can  replace the traditional MLM companies and attract all those distributors who could not realize their full potentials with their previous companies. We don’t intend to over-promise and one have to work hard for success also with us, but those who join us among the first and are not afraid of working can find a fantastic opportunity. With us, the saying  „Who stays out -left out!” is really true!

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