News – Revonet Club


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In January we started our Revonet Klub Facebook group, English version is coming soon, too. Please follow us to keep up to date with the latest information!

Our common Revonet Club business be successful and the number of shoppers on the platform can grow the huge only if all our actual Club members promote this unique opportunity reaching the largest possible number of friends, relatives, members of downline group, etc.. The Revonet Club is a special and fantastic opportunity for providing the possibility to create, we all together, the source of a consistent and sizeable passive income for ourselves, each of us – and this is REAL!


Here it comes the first challenge for the development: the best start-up performance earns a fabulous “re-charging of the batteries” during a fantastic Costa del Sol weekend. Please see the details of requirements below:

We have a fantastic news for those Revonet Club member who sponsor the highest number of new Club members during the period of the Challenge.

Be among the best and earn an invitation from the Club – including air ticket, transfer, a luxury accommodation, delicious food, all on us. Besides the one-day professional training participants can explore natural beauties of Costa del Sol area with a plunge in the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, we also guarantee to present them the most beautiful sunrise from the mountains gently surrounding the cities down on the beaches.

The Challenge starts from February 11 and closes on March 31, 2019. The 7 Top performed sponsors can enjoy the trip within one month from this date.


At least 12 newly sponsored direct downline with a combined membership value of Euros 6 000 minimum

7 Winners are selected, based on the highest number of newly sponsored direct donwlines and the highest amount of total Membership fees of the new Members

Please come with us – this depends only on YOU!

The first partial results of the competition will be announced soon.